czwartek, 19 marca 2009

Joe Rospars and David Silver in Warsaw

Joe Rospars and David Silver at a FOR debate today.

Joe told us how the grassroots movement forged during the Obama campaign is still alive and well. I've seen the Organizing for America e-mails etc but didn't expect people to stay so involved even after the election. The campaign had a clear goal, a strict timeframe, obvious opponents.. And now? But it seems the number of meetings organized through Obama's supporters network is only slightly lower than before 11/4. I wasn't the only one suprised by that, Piotr Pacewicz from Gazeta Wyborcza being one of the others.

David talked about how the generation of his students is becoming a generation of media makers, sharers and commenters - and how that can be used to start great conversations and help explore the world around us. We also started to talk about the risks of such use of new media.

The other topic was the September Project. It promotes grassroots-organized conversations about freedom and democracy. Maybe David will inspire us to have such events here in Warsaw in the fall!

(and of course there was lots of other stuff but this post is long enough already!)

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Ivan Chew pisze...

Hi, I found your blog from David's blog post.

I'm sure the presentations by Joe and David must have been interesting. I've been following David's blog posts about his Digital Media classes. As for the "Oranizing for America" campaign, I read somewhere that it started off as a publicity platform but one positive unintended consequence was it became a tool for online engagement.

BTW, your posts are concise compared to mine! lol